Choosing a Pram Series - What's in a Wheel?

What’s in a Wheel?

The wheels and tyres on your pram stroller can make a big difference to not only your child’s ride, but your experience too!

They all have seats, brakes, hoods etc. but they do not have the same wheels! And when you are outside on a track through the park, it is all about the wheels.

If you want to be outdoors on trails and on the beach, you will regret if your pram has wheels suitable only for an urban terrain with smooth footpaths and roads.

Some prams have 3 wheels, some have 4. Some have double wheels. Some have air tyres, some have hard foam tyres.

Telling the difference is easy enough: The harder and smaller the wheels are, the harder the pram is to push (especially as your babies grow and ultimately weigh more). Air tyres can go anywhere but can puncture if you are unlucky. Keeping a spare inner tube is a good idea. Note: Almost all prams are easy to push on the smooth shop floor with no weight in them!

We often hear “4 wheels is safer” but the truth is that every pram has to pass the same stringent Australian standard no matter how many wheels it has and you actually get much greater manoeuvrability with 3 wheels as well as a jogging option.

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