Choosing a Pram Series - Your Baby's Ride

Think about your baby’s ride.

Your new baby’s comfort is obviously a priority. Here are some little things that make a BIG difference when choosing the right pram for you baby.

Tyres make all the difference to your baby’s ride. The harder and smaller the wheels are, the more bumpy it may be for your baby as you move over concrete or stones. If you have air filled tyres and suspension, your baby won’t feel the bumps making their ride more comfortable and smooth.

Read more about tyres here.

If you’re getting out and about, shade from the sun will be important. Ensure you pram or stroller offers enough shade for your little one from all angles.

And speaking of angles, it may be important for you to see you little one (or them to see you!) as you walk along, so double check the pram of your choice has the capability to have the seat facing to you, or out to the world.

Airflow for your baby is also important. Make sure your pram has enough airflow when the hood is down. This may be in the form of a removable fabric from the back, or a little peel back side or top section that allows air to get to your baby.

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