Spotlight: Tate @thesunkissedfolk and why she loves her Indie!

We have tested out our Indie on almost every surface (except ice, that would be way too cold for my liking haha). Our Indie is a must-have for all our beach adventures. I can't get over how easily it glides through thick surf beach sand, smooth hard sand, and even small patches of water. It's a must for any adventurous family.

This is our third baby and was quite a surprise. Most of the things I learned while being pregnant this time around, I truly wish I had known during my first pregnancy. So knowing that our pram is free from harsh chemicals and being able to put her in an organic insert that feels like a cloud to keep her safe and comfortable while we're out and about on our adventures makes it so much easier to actually leave the house. One less thing I have to worry about is her comfort and safety.

I've recently gotten back into regular exercise, and I'm really enjoying being able to run again. It's so freeing for me mentally and physically as a mum of three. I just needed something like this. I love that the tyres are air-filled, making it easy for all types of movement. And having a pump included in the storage section is incredibly handy.

We also recently had the pleasure of adding the mini toddler board. Our second child hasn't quite passed the "I'm tired" or "my legs are sore" stage when going on long walks or scoots. And let me tell you, it's perfect! The mini toddler board effortlessly glides over bumps and uneven surfaces. Not to mention when we make quick trips to the shops - one child tucked safely into the pram, one standing securely on the board, and one holding onto the bar with me haha! So at least it's organised chaos. - Tate H.

The Mini Toddler Board is a lifesaver!


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