Spotlight: Jamie @jamiefordfit and why she loves her Speed!

Ready to Run!

Being a marathon runner and PT running is something I have enjoyed for many years. Once falling pregnant with my first child, I was fortunate enough to continue running up until I was 20 weeks pregnant and I hoped that those post-run endorphins would continue throughout motherhood. 

Many mothers had shared with me that they had struggled to keep active after having children so I planned ahead on how I could make being a new mum and keeping active work together. 

I have always loved running and being outside and I really wanted my daughter to experience the same.

Once my daughter Pia was 6 months old I knew I wanted to get moving and after a lot of research on the market, the Bumbleride Speed was my first choice. The pram not only looked extremely secure but also very comfortable. Living in Australia, the Bumbleride speeds spacious canopy, and ample sun coverage UPF 45+ was very important for our long beach runs. 

I have now been running with my daughter Pia for 3 months and she absolutely loves getting outside in the fresh air and running with me. Still being able to prioritise my health and spend time with my daughter is priceless for me and the Bumbleride speed has helped me achieve that. 

Our longest run together so far has been 15 kilometers which we plan to beat! The Bumbleride speed is so easy to navigate with the all-wheel suspension, and air-filled tyres. 

I know that running with my daughter will be something we enjoy for years to come! - Jamie F. 

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