Spotlight: Arianne @theblancogirls and why she loves her Era!

Spotlight: Arianne @theblancogirls and why she loves her Era!

We have fallen in love with our Era pram and absolutely love how it glides smoothly over nearly every surface. As an adventurous family always being outdoors it was a must to find a pram that suited all of our needs. We are able to enjoy our offroad bush walks and beachy sand trips thanks to our Era. We are beyond impressed with the Airfilled tyers and how easy they glide and push through all surfaces without disturbing our little one. She loves a nap and always enjoys the ride. There's a pump included in the storage pocket that is very handy to pump the tyers up when needed.

I honestly wish I found Bumbleride sooner for our first child, we have been through a few prams and can definitely say the Era is number 1! It's spacious seat has been fantastic and is suitable for our baby and even our 4yr old toddler. They can sit up or lay down with plenty of space around them. 

Our eldest daughter loves to walk or hold our hand most of the time so we thought it would be a good time to introduce the toddler board, she absolutely loves to stand and ride along with her baby sister if she gets too tired. The toddler board is also fantastic at gliding over hard bumpy surfaces. It's super handy for when im heading into the shops by myself so I know one child is strapped into the pram and one is standing behind me on the toddler board keeping them close, safe and happy. 

It has been the best pram so far for folding up quickly and placing into our car boot. When heading back to the car park alone it can sometimes cause a lot of anxiety for me making sure both kids are put into the car safely while watching the pram as well. ( as us mums all know having more than 1 kid to buckle in can be chaos ) the Era makes it a lot easier for me and having that extra safe space ( the toddler board ) for my toddler to stand on close to me while I'm buckling in her sister so she's off the road. I love how it's an all in one fold and folds compact and flat to store neatly into our boot. 

I can highly recommend Bumbleride and the Era pram to all of my mum friends and family! 

Arianne @theblancogirls 

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