Choosing a Pram Series - Your Growing Family

The right pram for your growing family.

As your family grows, depending on the age gap of the children, you may want to look at how you will get around with 2 or more children. You may consider a twin pram (Link to indie twin), or pram that may come with a toddler seat, or even putting on of your children on a mini board (link to miniboard) that attaches to the back of the pram. You could even think this may be a great time for the older child to start on a balance bike or trike (link to funny wheels??)


Inserts, Capsule or Bassinet?

Many prams like the Bumbleride INDIE and Bumbleride ERA come with infant inserts to make your baby cosy right from the start. These can be removed as your baby grows into your pram. These are the perfect option if you are not using your pram in conjunction with the car capsule, and don’t want to worry about a bassinet option and storing the bassinet after your baby grows out of it.

Capsule – Think about how often you may be getting in and out of the car. You may want to get a pram that is adaptable to the car capsule of your choice. It may be easier (or help you narrow down) to choose the pram, then see what capsules it can adapt to. Some prams will sell capsule adaptor kits separately – remember to double check the adaptability before you buy.


On many prams you have the option to place your child facing you or out into the world. At this stage of your baby’s growth, you may be feeding snacks (keep that storage in mind) or needing a dummy quickly – (Storage pockets). The harness will be used too – so make sure it is easy to clasp. You may want to lay your child down if they get sleepy the layback positions available on the pram are important. Check the storage basket is still accessible when your baby is lying down in the pram and the layback position is fully utilised.

Some prams will advertise how light they are to fold and carry, however be aware that a smaller frame may reduce the size of the seat. Remember, your child will grow very quickly and you do not want it to be too small too quickly, meaning you will have to buy a new one to suit a toddler. So look for a pram that has a decent size seat and footwell, even if it means a slightly heavier pram.


If you are having twins, then you will want to consider the easiest way to get them around too. It may be a side by side twin pram such as the BR Indie Twin, which allows the babies to see each other as they grow and communicate. You could also go for a tandem pram – just be mindful that generally there may be one seat larger than the other on these, and possibly more limited storage space as one of the seats quite often takes space where the storage basket is under the pram.

Toddlers and siblings.

Many prams will offer a toddler seat – to do this the main pram frame may be heavier to lift and fold. Be sure to consider this should you have back issues, or will struggle to lift the pram into the boot of your car. You may consider a twin pram and have the newborn one one side, and your toddler on the other. You could consider a mini board attachment (like a little skateboard) for your toddler. This allows them to “hitch a ride” when they get tired of walking as they become more independent.

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Reviews and recommendations

It would also be a good idea to read a few blogs/articles or reviews to help you decide on a pram. There may be things that seem essential – that may not really be. See what other mums have to say too and ask your family and friends.

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