Choosing a Pram Series - Consider Your Lifestyle

Choosing a Pram Series - Consider Your Lifestyle

Firstly, Think about your current lifestyle.

A baby will change your life that’s for sure, but when choosing a pram, try and think about the things you like to do as couple and would like to continue to do as a family.

Do you like going for coffee and shopping? You may need to consider a pram to get in and out of tight places. If you are in and out of the car often, consider a pram/stroller that comes with adaptors to suit your car capsule. You’ll want to know the pram folds easily, and the right size to fit into the car too.

Consider the Bumbleride Era.  

Do you like taking hikes and going to the beach? You may want to ensure the wheels are sturdy, and the pram offers some great shade solutions. If you want to be outdoors on trails and on the beach, you will regret if your pram has wheels suitable only for an urban terrain with smooth footpaths and roads.

Consider the Bumbleride Indie

Do you want to jog with your baby in the pram? You may need to consider how well you can manoeuvre it easily, handle height and how many wheels and what type of tyres the pram has, along with a lockable front wheel so the pram doesn’t tip when you’re running along.

Consider the Bumbleride Speed

If you like travelling, does your pram fold in a way that will make this easier? Does it come with a travel bag?

Also, consider handle height – if you are short and your partner tall, is the handle height adjustable?

In addition, when choosing your pram, ensure you have enough space for not only your new baby, but all the things that come with them too! The basket in the bottom of your pram will carry everything from nappies and spare clothes, to toys and snacks, to shopping and more. Needless to say, storage room is important. It should be easy to get to when you are on the go. Any additional little pockets are a bonus for dummies, toys, or your coffee!

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